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You have more important things to do, let us simplify cloud computing for you.

  • Your Linux machine

    Build Linux servers with a few clicks and have them online within seconds. You are in full control!

  • Browser based access

    Full graphical console access from anywhere with a modern web browser.

  • Up to 16 vCPU / 44 GB

    High performance Intel Xeon processors, quality DELL hardware and 1 GBit per server.

  • SSH and "root" access

    It's your server. You have full "root" access with either password or SSH key based authentication.

  • 24 hours / 356 days

    We have been in the business of providing premium service for over a decade. Contact us at anytime.

  • 99.99% Availability

    No room for errors! Network and service SLA or we will credit you.

  • One Click Backups

    Create a copy of your machine's hard disk or restore it.

  • One Click DNS

    Manage and setup your domain name records with ease.

Flexible Pricing

Starting at $9 / month! Upgrade or downgrade at anytime with hourly pricing.

Processor (vCPU) 1 2 4 6 8 16 16 16
Memory (RAM) 512 MB 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB 15 GB 22 GB 44 GB
Disk Storage 25 GB 50 GB 100 GB 200 GB 400 GB 800 GB 1000 GB 2500 GB
Hourly Price $0.0125 $0.025 $0.05 $0.10 $0.20 $0.375 $0.56 $1.125
Whole Month
based on running a server for 30 days
$9 $18 $36 $72 $144 $270 $405 $810
What does $9 get me? 1 Month 2 Weeks 1 Week 90 Hours 45 Hours 24 Hours 16 Hours 8 Hours

What is oxeo?

Chat with us Live if you have any other questions!

  • What do I get after signing up?
  • After you create your account we will give you a free $9 credit, which you can use to build any Linux machine configuration in 2 easy steps.

    You can then access and control the machine using just your web browser or any SSH client. .
  • How fast can I get my first machine online?
  • Your server will be built and online within 1-2 minutes.
  • What kind of internet connection will I have ?
  • Each of your machines has a full 1 GBit connection.
  • How much bandwidth is included and extra?
  • Your $9 / month OXEO account comes with 1 TB (1000 GB) of bandwidth every month.

    Each additional GB is billed at only $0.02
  • What is the biggest machine I can build?
  • Up to 44 GB of memory, 2.4 TB of disk space storage and 16 vCPU processors. Let us know if you are looking for a custom setup.
  • Do you offer backups?
  • You can create unlimited backup snapshots of machine's hard disk with a single Click. You only pay for the storage you use at $0.09 / GB per month.
  • Does it cost anything to create an account?
  • No. We will give you a free $9 credit which you can use right away to build any of our server configurations. You will not receive any charges in the first month if you do not go over this $9 credit.
  • When and how am I billed?
  • We currently bill on a monthly interval on the 1st of each month. You will be billed $9 / month which you can use towards any of our services. If you go over the initial $9 you only pay for the difference by the hour / GB of services used.
  • Can I cancel, upgrade or downgrade anytime?
  • You can remove machines and backups at anytime with a single click. You can cancel your account at anytime.
  • Do I get full `root` Access to the Server?
  • Yes you receive full administrative access.
  • Is there software pre-installed?
  • Our "Ubuntu Desktop" comes with Firefox, a BitTorrent client, VirtualBox and many other packages pre-installed. All other operating systems allow you to install what you need and connect via SSH.
  • What operating systems can I install?
  • - CentOS 6.3
    - Debian 6
    - Gentoo 2012-07
    - Ubuntu 12.04 LTS / Desktop
    - Ubuntu 12.10 / Desktop

A little about Us

Established in 2001 - Developing for tomorrow

News & Updates

  • More Bandwidth - 06/07/13 Every OXEO account now comes with 1000 GB of bandwidth included every month. Additional bandwidth is a flat rate of $0.02 / GB.
  • Interface update - 03/25/13 The creation and control of your machines is now even easier. We have updated our user interface to provide you with a more intuitive user experience.
  • DNS Manager - 02/27/13 We added our Domain Name System (DNS) management interface available to all existing customers including free accounts. [Read more]
  • New VM Offers - 12/15/12 We launch our new Virtual Machine offers to the public. You can now get up to 16 CPU cores and 44 GB of memory within seconds.

About Us

We operate our own infrastructure and all servers are located in our Weehawken, NJ (USA) datacenter.

OXEO was founded in late 2001 by a small but passionate team focused on building high performance, cutting edge systems to service our customers buisness needs. Our latest service, the OXEO cloud platform, is designed to improve upon our decade of experience providing exceptional security and reliability while putting you, the customer, in control.

Our number one priority has always been and remains our client's satisfaction. We earn your buisness every day by providing you with just the right blend of our exceptional security, great pricing, our incredibly fast network, 100% uptime and our own brand of personal service.

300 Boulevard East, Suite 104
Weehawken, NJ, USA 07086-6702
P: 855-373-0948 Intl: +1-212-812-9073